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Welcome to Verdalia Trading

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We are eager to create new opportunities for markets in need. We admire the progress of medicine and are grateful for many breakthrough health discoveries.

Selecting our Partners

Selecting our Partners

We strive to make sure that each and every step is an added value to our company, our markets, and the health of people. Our employees, sister companies, and partners are part of our success.

Rapid Expansion

Rapid Expansion

Introduction of novel therapeutic options, along with great partnering companies and manufacturers, enhanced our position as a leading independent company in the region MENA.

Innovation & Growth

Innovation & Growth

We are proud that through years of continuous focus, innovation, investment and growth, we are now able to bring innovative medicines and medical devices to many countries within our region.

Our Expertise

The total awarded contracts

We have a diverse portfolio of products and product candidates, with a focus in multiple areas in the healthcare industry. Verdalia Trading partners will benefit from high ROI and minimized risk. Our partners can expect quick reimbursements, fast sales uptake, organized commercial set ups, and highest compliance standards. Market access, regulatory affairs, product vigilance, supply and inventory management are within our coverage.

55 M USD
Total awarded and executed contracts with MOH Iraq since 2015
15 Contracts
Total contracts’ count

Products Supplied

Artificial limbs, Laboratory disposables and pharmaceuticals

Over 800 products supplied

About Us

Welcome to Verdalia Trading

Our mission is to improve the healthcare industry by
identifying, contracting, and commercializing meaningful products that address unmet

Vision and Business Objectives

Vision and Business Objectives

Integrity and collaboration in the pursuit of health standards merged with a prosperous and fruitful activity

Grow Sales from New Products

Grow Sales from New Products

We at Verdalia Trading are always eager to select and collaborate with high tech and reputable companies in the healthcare sector

What We Do

What Business Models Do We Offer to Valuable Principles and Trusted Clients


We take care of all steps of planning, registration, marketing, and execution


We constantly monitor performance and promote continuous progress in accordance with our partners


We continuously expand in sales and financial growth, in addition to providing new innovative scientific advancements within our industry

Trusted Partners

We are a partner of choice for medical marketing within IRAQ


Recent Activities

Al Mouna Scientific Office

Verdalia Trading Ltd functions in Iraq under its own scientific office in Baghdad – Al Mouna Scientific Office

Team You Want to Work

Our remaining workforce consists of more than 30 employees with diverse academic qualifications, from sales and marketing to IT, to...

Multicultural Work Environment

We are proud of having a multicultural work environment, where everyone can fit

Diversity is Our Key to Success

Our management team is diverse in terms of age, gender, and nationality

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